Flame Resistant Clothing

Fire Resistant Clothing Made Of

Fire Resistant Clothing Made Of Gilt Edged Design

Fire resistant clothing made of  gilt edged design process that worn by workers to prevent accidents.

Revgarbs Garments Division produces all types of flame resistant clothing  made of different fabrics like Cotton, Polyester, Poly/Cotton and Cotton Rich Nomex.

Revgarbs ‘s fire resistant clothing  made of gilt edged process that necessary for workers to complete difficult works at different sites.

  1. Flame  resistant clothing manufactures by Revgarbs.
  2.  Special fire flame protective clothes supply.
  3. Fire safety clothing produces from quality cloth.
  4. Safety is the most important part of all.
  5. Protecting workers from risk in a workplace.
  6. Fire proof materials use to make clothes.
  7. Fire retardant clothing customizes size.
  8. The safe functions are important for workers.

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