Buy bottle bags are made of cotton  material to keep bottles and these bottle bags can be taken from one place to another. Revgarbs bottle bags are lightweight and all types of bottles are kept on bags which are manufactured from Revgarbs  factory . Revgarbs manufactures various types and size bags to meet demands of consumers exist in the market. We customize bags  order by customers to look attractive and  fits budget. You can bulk buy bottle bags online as we accept all types of payment methods.

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Jute Bottle Bag


Whenever you are out, you will realize that a water bottle is what we always need to carry. But carrying it is often a botheration for many of us. The good news is that this jute bottle bag is ideal for carrying them anywhere at any time. It is made from laminated jute and is eco-friendly too.

Jute Shopping Bag


Jute bags are the best way to carry your groceries, fruit, and vegetables. Made out of durable 100% Natural material, these spacious Jutes can hold everything you need without worrying about it getting dirty or damaged in any way! You can also have it customized and is environmentally friendly as well.

Jute Vegetable Pouch Bag with Nylon Net


Made of Eco friendly Jute . We can customize the size as per your requirement.
Fabric – Un lam Jute and Nylon Net
Size – 31H x 22W
Color – Natural and Red

Showing all 3 results