Jute is one of the most underrated materials despite having a lot of features that can be considered for environmental safety. It is an eco-friendly material and one of the most durable. When it comes to jute bags for the customer, Revgarbs offer various features that make these favorites among a large variety of different enterprises.

What is jute commonly used for?

Jute products are sturdy, and by sturdy, we mean truly sturdy. Because of the strength of the fibre and the rigidity with which the bags are manufactured, they can transport big weights and things that are available in a wide range of forms and dimensions.

Because of this, they are an excellent choice if you sell heavy items that require the additional protection that a sturdy bag can provide.

How Jute Bags are better than plastic & cotton bags?

Jute has a more natural appearance than cotton and plastic, which is another reason it is a superior choice to any of those materials. Because of the coarseness of the fibres, they give the impression of having a ‘raw’ feel and have the appearance and feel of something extremely natural. The use of jute, also known as hessian, is an excellent choice from an environmental standpoint because it is made entirely of natural materials and can be recycled and reused.

Types of jute bags and its uses –


1)  Normal Jute bag

They exhibit this quality more prominent than other bags, including plastic and cotton ones. With an ever-increasing consciousness of our previously casual attitude towards the world and the resultant impacts, it has become more crucial for a firm to be viewed as environmentally friendly.

2)  Printed jute lunch bags

 Our jute tiffin bag with zip closure is a convenient and stylish way to carry your meal. It’s made from laminated jute, which is eco-friendly and has a natural jute color. It’s one of the most popular products in this category.

3)  Jute gift bags   

Because jute is so long-lasting, your jute gift bags would be a walking advertisement for your business, store, or event for years to come.

4)  Printed jute purses

Printed jute purses strike the ideal mix between being useful promotional products that are inexpensive and doing one’s part to protect the natural environment.

5)  Printed jute sling bags

Our inventory also has a selection of printed jute sling bags that come in various hues. Ideal for advertising campaigns that could use a little additional oomph without adding a tonne of extra expense but still want something that stands out and grabs people’s attention. You can select either a shorter or longer handle depending on the design of the tote bag, making it the ideal blank canvas bag that is highly adaptable to fit the requirements of the majority of campaigns.